QuantaStor Updates

We have been so busy adding new features to QuanatStor that we have not had time to share all the great stuff that has gone in already in 2014.  If you have not had a chance to check out our new HA capability in QuantaStor V3.9 I highly recommend looking at our last blog post that includes an overview video.

Some other features that have been added since late last year include:

  • Parallelized backups to dramatically speed up the backup process.  We can now support up to 64 concurrent backup streams
  • High Availability for SAN environment
  • Support for Gluster HA virtual network interfaces
  • SNMP Agent with get/walk/trap support
  • Support for GlusterFS 3.4.2
  • Multipath support for dual pat SAS HBA connectivity to SAS JBODs
  • Integrated support for newer controllers from LSI and Adaptec including certification of the LSI MegaRaid 93XX, 12G SAS RAID controller

This list is only a highlight of all that has been added.  If you want to look at detailed reports check out our detailed list on the OSNEXUS Wiki pages


quantastor, Gluster, LSI, OSNEXUS, High Availability

Categories: Filesystems, Storage Appliance Hardware

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