Use Vines to Learn QuantaStor in Seconds

At OSNEXUS we’re always trying to make it easy for our customers and partners to learn the many features that the QuantaStor SDS platform has to offer. We also realize that everyone is very busy and time is a precious commodity. To that end, we’re happy to announce that in addition to the OSNEXUS support site, we are introducing our new OSNEXUS Vine page enabling anyone to learn QuantaStor, even if they only have six seconds! You can view a few of our new Vines below. Also, be sure to follow our Twitter feed for new vines that will be added weekly.

Vine-logoCreate a Gluster Volume with QuantaStor
Vine-logoCreate a QuantaStor Storage Pool
Vine-logoCreate a QuantaStor Network Share
Vine-logoAdd a QuantaStor License Key

Categories: GlusterFS, Software Defined Storage, Storage Appliance Hardware

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