QuantaStor v3.15 Released with High Availability Site Clustering for High-Performance Block and File Storage Grids

We are pleased to announce the latest release of OSNEXUS QuantaStor 3.15, an update that constitutes a major milestone as it includes improvements for HA ZFS storage pools, and performance and scalability enhancements that will greatly speed up all deployments.

In addition to its many new features, QuantaStor 3.15 was designed as an easy-to-upgrade, non-disruptive release. For those with existing deployments, you’ll see major performance improvements with lightning-fast boot up times and pool scans. Below are just a few 3.15 highlights:

High Availability

  • Advanced clustering features now allow QuantaStor appliances within a grid to be grouped into what we call “Site Clusters.” Within a Site Cluster you can create and manage High-Availability ZFS Storage Pools, Grid Management VIF, and GlusterFS VIFs.
  • Active Cluster Monitoring that displays node and cluster status across sites to oversee and troubleshoot cluster-wide issues
  • Cluster Ring Management displays active status of heartbeat rings within a Site Cluster

Scalability & Performance

  • Grid scalability is 90 percent more efficient and scales up to 32 nodes per site
  • Service startup time and pool scans have been reduced by more than 80 percent
  • Web UI connection and sync speed is faster with various improvements

Security & TLS Enforcement

  • Strong security on the front-end web interface with TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.0 for back-end protocol communication
  • Enhanced alerting and notification capabilities with security and privacy by including SNMPv3
  • Active Directory integration with new security policies that lets storage administrators assign owners to specific group shares

For the full list of changes and update instructions please visit our OSNEXUS support site. We’ll be adding more documentation on the many new QuantaStor 3.15 features soon so “stay tuned” for upcoming blog articles on the new HA ZFS Storage Pool features and details on the new security features.

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