OSNEXUS Releases QuantaStor SDS v4 Hyperscale File, Block and Object Software Defined Storage for the Enterprise

With the release of QuantaStor v4, OSNEXUS has hit a major milestone by enabling organizations to turn commodity hardware into global hyperscale storage grids with support for file, block and object storage.

It’s our largest step forward in the evolution of the SDS platform. The addition of S3/SWIFT object storage and features including “one-click” AES 256 bit encryption across file, block and object storage will allow companies to easily meet their security requirements and save money.

The release notes and complete upgrade instructions are available online here and QuantaStor v4 highlights are below.  We’ve also added new technical docs including a Scale-out Object (Ceph based) Storage Administrator’s Guide, an updated Solution Design Guide and a new, easy-to-follow documentation site main page was developed for the v4 release.

QuantaStor v4 Highlights:

File, Block and Object Storage – QuantaStor v4 adds support for scale-out object storage via the S3 and SWIFT compatible REST based protocol. In addition, QuantaStor v4 integrates Ceph-storage technology to deliver scale-out block storage (iSCSI, Ceph RBD) and GlusterFS technology for scale-out NAS and file storage.

AES 256 bit Encryption – QuantaStor v4 features “One-Click” full drive encryption with AES-256 to ensure the security of data at rest. Encryption and decryption performance is accelerated by much as eight times through the use of Intel’s AES-NI technology found on Intel Xeon® processors.  QuantaStor also provides on-the-wire encryption with SMB3, IPSec+NFS, and HTTPS for management and REST API calls.

High Availability – Multi-node scale-out configurations provide highly available iSCSI block storage with near instant failover. Additionally, native protocol support enables scale-out storage to be used for a wide range of use cases and platforms including VMware.

Hyper-scale – QuantaStor appliance grids can now scale to 64PB of storage and 64 appliances per grid.  The technology is built in to the platform and enables easy management of all appliances through the QuantaStor web management interface and automation via REST APIs.

Hardware-compatibility –  With support for all major server vendors (HP, Dell, Cisco, IBM/Lenovo and SuperMicro), and heterogeneous mixing of hardware QuantaStor helps IT organizations reach new levels of efficiency by enabling the use of the latest 40GbE and 12G SAS/SATA technologies with the latest generation processors and servers.

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