Moving Data to and from the Cloud Just Got Easier with QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition

The cost of moving multiple terabytes or petabytes of file, block and object storage between datacenters and on-premises sites is expensive and time consuming, even with today’s high speed internet connections. For instance, to transport 250TB of data across a high speed network at 1G per second from an on-premises site to the cloud or between sites would take 25 days, 10 hours, and 50 minutes alone, according to The Cloud Calculator. QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition solves this problem by combining a mobile hardware unit and a custom licensed edition of QuantaStor SDS making it easy to copy, compress, encrypt and ship data anywhere to any datacenter in the world. The data migration appliance combines all of the great features of QuantaStor SDS including grid technology all in a mobile platform. (Figure 1)


Figure 1

Combining the power of QuantaStor SDS’ high-performance software defined storage platform with a secure mobile server, QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition can scale to over a petabyte of storage simply by linking appliances together as a grid for on-site data import and export. The data migration appliance also includes QuantaStor SDS’ end-to-end security coverage with protocol-level encryption, hardware and software disk drive encryption with Intel AES-NI technology and advanced user security featuring role-based access controls.

Some of the uses cases for QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition include Cloud Migration to transfer large amounts of data into or out of datacenters in lieu of transferring data via the Internet or WANs. Another great use case is Datacenter Consolidation when consolidating under-performing data centers or optimizing existing data centers with new servers and storage infrastructure. Disaster Recovery is an obvious yet critical use case for offline or online backups of large data quantities. Finally, Content Distribution when sharing large amounts of data with customers or partners is an ideal use case especially for  on-site media and film production or content distribution.

For more information on QuantaStor SDS Data Migration Edition visit OSNEXUS and check out how law enforcement can use it for long-term archival of police forensic case-file data.

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