QuantaStor SDS v4.2 Released with Dashboard Analytics, Global Namespace Capabilities, and Updated Cloud License Services

The release of QuantaStor SDS v4.2 is now out and has exciting new features and upgrades that lets organizations of every size more easily manage and scale their data storage. The upgrades also increase the user’s ability to customize the platform including the grouping together of NAS shares by topic and customer-controlled Capacity-as-a-Service licensing. Dashboards have also been added so that users can now visually interpret how storage is being utilized. 

Highlights from the release include:

Dashboard Analytics – QuantaStor’s new dashboard analytics shows storage utilization across storage pools in real-time graphs built into the user interface. Now users can see a visual representation of how their storage is being utilized, rather than just a written number value.

The new QuantaStor SDS dashboard shows information about the selected item be it a storage pool, storage system as wells as CPU/memory and network usage graphs and analytics.

Global Namespaces – For media & entertainment companies, Global Namespaces make it easy for users to group together NAS shares by topic so that NAS storage is presented by all or a subset of appliances within a grid across QuantaStor appliances. End-users can then access all their Network Shares via a single hostname/IP.

Cloud License Service – For cloud service providers and managed hosting companies, QuantaStor’s Cloud License Service allows for customer-controlled Capacity-as-a-Service licensing. QuantaStor SDS license keys can now be dynamically provisioned and retired for self-service management of license capacities, which enables easy expansion, contraction, and deployment of new appliances on demand.

NAS Gateway – NAS Gateway with one-to-one mapping of files to objects in S3 object storage.

Network Share Aliases – Network Share aliases and sub-directory shares now allow NFS/CIFS shares to have alternate names and direct references.

The full list of updates from the QuantaStor SDS v4.2 release can be downloaded here.

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