Hybrid Cloud: The Future is Here with Steven Umbehocker

OSNEXUS CEO Steve Umbehocker was recently a guest on Inside Analysis, a radio show that covers a variety of topics in enterprise software. Listen to the podcast as Steve discusses Hybrid Cloud along with Paul Bibaud from our solution partner Pogo Linux.

Discussion highlights of the show include:

  • Why hybrid cloud configurations are getting increasingly common for businesses today
  • Why many small to medium size businesses choose Microsoft and Amazon for their cloud storage needs and how they might outgrow those platforms
  • How companies currently utilize hybrid cloud to cut costs and what the future of hybrid cloud looks like
  • How OSNEXUS & Pogo Linux can provide an ideal hybrid cloud configuration for companies looking to host data in the cloud as well as on-premises

To listen to the full show, visit the Inside Analysis website. To learn more about QuantaStor Virtual Storage Appliances for Microsoft Azure, visit the Microsoft website.

Categories: Storage Appliance Hardware

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