Advanced Storage Analytics for QuantaStor SDS

In the upcoming release of QuanatStor SDS, version 4.5, we’ll be adding Advanced Storage Analytics features that enable IT professionals to better visualize their storage assets for effective decisioning.

With Advanced Storage Analytics, users will be able visualize file, block, and object storage utilization in graphs, charts, and real-time dashboards to better understand their storage needs and simplify capacity planning. The QuantaStor web-based grid management interface also includes real-time visual presentation of block storage performance, network utilization, CPU and memory utilization, object storage utilization, and network health diagnostics.

QuantaStor SDS also provides a REST API for advanced storage analytics while leveraging open technologies such as Telegraf and InfluxDB so that users can enhance and extend the data collection features within a QuantaStor storage grid.

Advanced Storage Analytics features in QuantaStor SDS v4.5 include:

  • Storage Grid Dashboard: A tile-based view of all appliances within a storage grid, their health, and a summary of storage utilization statistics
  • NAS Analytics: Shows Network Share and Storage Pool allocations and capacities to simplify capacity planning and usage analysis
  • Object Storage Analytics: Provides object storage cluster health and utilization information along with cluster capacity statistics

QuantaStor SDS v4.5 will be generally available at the end of Q1 2018.

Categories: Storage Appliance Hardware

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