QuantaStor SDS v4.5 Released with Real-time Statistics, Linux Kernel Upgrade, and Slack Alerting

The latest version of QuantaStor SDS was just released with a number of new features and an important kernel upgrade to address the Spectre and Meltdown security issues. Below are some of the updates to QuantaStor in v4.5.

Real-time Stats

New analytics have been added to QuantaStor’s grid scale web-based storage management interface which provides users with valuable information about IO throughput, latency, and IOPS for both storage volumes and storage pools.

image (1).png

Kernel Upgrades

QuantaStor is Linux-based and with the v4.5 release the kernel has been upgraded to which includes software patches for both the Spectre and Meltdown security bugs that are affecting Intel, AMD, and ARM processors. QuantaStor v4.5 also includes support for the latest generation of Mellanox network cards, LSI HBAs, and the latest generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors.

Slack Alerting

QuantaStor supports multiple alerting methods including email, SNMP, and PagerDuty and now with QuantaStor v4.5 the highly popular Slack communications tool is included in the list. This saves administrators time as notifications can now be sent to a designated channel in the popular corporate messaging application.


Scalability Enhancements

Each QuantaStor appliance can now efficiently manage up to 500 devices, up from 200 devices in v4.4. Using high-capacity 12TB NL-SAS HDDs devices, this enables QuantaStor storage appliances to manage up to 6PB of storage per pair of appliances and over 100PB of storage per storage grid. QuantaStor’s advanced HA failover system is highly parallelized to ensure reliable, secure, and fast failover of storage pools large and small.

QuantaStor SDS v4.5 Highlights:

  • Real-time statistics for storage volumes and pools gives the user more information right from the web user interface
  • Linux 4.4 kernel upgrade including software patches for both Spectre and Meltdown security bugs
  • Enclosure redundancy indicator shows validated distribution of disks across disk enclosures.
  • Optimized ZFS HA failover system now supports storage pools containing up to 500 disk devices and the latest generation of HGST Hybrid Storage Platform 4U disk expansion units
  • Call-home alerting via Slack
  • Upgrades Gluster support to v3.10, adds support for Gluster-based SMB/NFS subshares and management of multiple Gluster peer-groups per storage grid

To see the full list of updates from the release, visit the OSNEXUS Technical Blog. To upgrade to QuantaStor v4.5, click here.

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