OSNEXUS Adds Multi-factor Authentication to QuantaStor SDS

As every industry becomes impacted by digital transformation, organizations find themselves in an age where their data is safe with good security practices but also increasingly vulnerable due to today’s evolving threat landscape. IT security is essential as data breaches and cybersecurity threats become more and more commonplace. At the same time, government cybersecurity regulations are becoming more stringent to help industries protect themselves and their customers.

OSNEXUS is trusted by industries with increasingly strict security standards such as finance, healthcare, and government because of QuantaStor’s advanced security features. With the next release of QuantaStor SDS, the platform is now equipped with a new security feature of Multi-factor Authentication.

QuantaStor’s new Multi-factor Authentication feature allows users to log into the platform securely with multiple authentication methods to verify their identity, such as a text message, push notification, and phone call. QuantaStor integrates with Duo to ensure effective, strong Multi-factor Authentication technology and inspects all devices used to access QuantaStor SDS at the time of access to determine trustworthiness. Integrating with Duo allows OSNEXUS to utilize an industry leader of multi-factor authentication to ensure customer data is always safe.

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Figure 1: Multi-factor authentication in QuantaStor processing after push notification sent from Duo to user’s cell phone using the Duo mobile application.


Figures 2 and 3: Duo push notifications from mobile application used to authenticate users in the QuantaStor SDS platform.

To add Multi-factor Authentication to QuantaStor, you simply download the Duo Mobile app and configure QuantaStor to enable Duo MFA at login, and choose the Authentication Mode (Push, SMS, or Phone Call). Then at login QuantaStor will prompt you to authenticate yourself with your mobile phone through the mode you chose when configuring MFA.

1. User Create Select MFA Mode

Figure 4: The Add User configurations in QuantaStor allow you to choose which MFA Mode is preferred at login.

For more information on QuantaStor SDS, visit the OSNEXUS website.

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