8 Benefits that QuantaStor’s Grid Technology Can Bring to Your Storage Environment

The QuantaStor SDS platform contains unique grid technology that allows storage appliances across datacenters and locations to be combined together and managed as a single unit. Below is a list of benefits of QuantaStor’s storage grid technology.

  1. Manage as one storage system: QuantaStor allows local and remote appliances to be linked together with any one of them becoming the master node that can control all of the appliances as a grid.
  2. Eliminates complexity: QuantaStor storage grids are managed via a unified web management interface that is accessible via every appliance. Simply connect to the IP address of any storage appliance using any of the major web browsers to manage the grid from anywhere, eliminating the complexity of managing separate storage systems.
  3. Simplifies processes: QuantaStor’s storage grid technology greatly simplifies all aspects of storage management including security enforcement, provisioning, automation, and data replication policies.
  4. No additional software to install: With QuantaStor, the ability to link appliances together and manage as one is built into the platform, so no additional software is required to take full advantage of the feature-rich product.
  5. Multi-protocol support: QuantaStor SDS supports file, block, and object protocols including iSCSI/FC, NFS/SMB, and S3/SWIFT in a single platform. QuantaStor appliances can have different pools of storage within a cluster, some using local server storage and some using scale-out technology to achieve high-availability using multiple servers and technology like erasure coding and replicas.
  6. Secure: Grids make it easy to manage storage across an environment while maintaining strong security and encryption policies that are easy for IT organizations to enforce. QuantaStor SDS is NIST 800-171, HIPAA, CJIS, and GDPR compliant.
  7. Scalable: QuantaStor supports scalability from a single appliance to up to 100PB in a single grid, enabling your storage environment to grow without limits.
  8. Cost-effective: QuantaStor can reduce the cost of storage management by over 50% or more enabling organizations to enforce stronger security measures with ease.

Grid Diagram

For more information on QuantaStor SDS, visit osnexus.com.

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