QuantaStor 5.8: Automated Reporting, Zero Touch Maintenance, and Single Sign-On with LDAP

With the release of QuantaStor 5.8, OSNEXUS continues to focus on features that bring the public cloud ease-of-use and ease-of-maintenance to the private cloud for utility grade storage.

The v5.8 release includes new automation features around zero-touch maintenance, single-sign-on security features, and new automated reporting capabilities for monitoring storage grids and grid health. Below are the highlights from this release.

Zero Touch Maintenance for Hard Drives 

QuantaStor now fully automates the management operations to bring a system to full health after replacing bad media. This feature is especially important for rack scale and multi rack configurations because media replacement is more common due to simple factors of scale. Zero touch maintenance covers both scale-out and scale-up storage pools and QuantaStor’s alerting system automatically notifies IT staff when auto-healing starts and is completed.

Automated Reporting for System Health & Maintenance

Users can now schedule reports to be sent out automatically, providing a comprehensive summary of storage grid health and storage capacity usage.  Reports can be received from the grid via email or generated and collected using the QuantaStor CLI or REST APIs.

Single Sign-On with LDAP & Active Directory

QuantaStor’s security system has been enhanced to support single sign-on authentication of management users via AD and OpenLDAP. This greatly simplifies security enforcement for large organizations and eliminates the complexity of having to manage multiple passwords for IT staff.

S3 Object Locking

QuantaStor’s S3 object storage clusters now support Object Locking for use cases like Data Governance and Compliance policy enforcement. These features are especially important for organizations required to meet data retention standards and data immutability requirements for FINRA, HIPAA, and other industry-specific security compliance standards.

Veeam Ready Qualified

QuantaStor is now Veeam Ready and qualified for use as file, block, or object storage as the underlying storage for Veeam Backup Repositories. Along with the Veeam qualification are updated deployment guides and resources for deploying QuantaStor with Veeam, found here.

Block Device Copy

The new QuantaStor v5.8 release includes a new Block Device Copy feature to assist organizations with copying 3rd party iSCSI and FC devices (LUNs) to and from QuantaStor systems.  This enables organizations to migrate their data to/from 3rd party SANs to QuantaStor block or file storage. It also enables one to copy LUNs directly from one 3rd party SAN to another 3rd party SAN using QuantaStor systems as a pure data mover.

QuantaStor 5.8 will be generally available (GA) in November 2020. To learn more or to download a free trial of QuantaStor, visit osnexus.com.

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