How to Deploy QuantaStor for Use with Veeam

Planning for business continuity has become a mission critical function for IT organizations of all sizes given modern SLA and security requirements.

To help make business continuity planning and data recovery easier, we have certified the QuantaStor platform with Veeam as part of the Veeam Ready program.

QuantaStor supports all Veeam backup repository types including file, block, and object so that QuantaStor scale-out and scale-up configurations may be leveraged for use with Veeam.

Designing QuantaStor Storage Clusters for Veeam Backup & Recovery

OSNEXUS provides web based tools for designing your QuantaStor storage solution for Veeam. If your requirements are less than 2PB of usable capacity, these needs are often met using a QuantaStor scale-up NAS system (see whereas larger multi-PB and fast growing configurations benefit from a scale-out QuantaStor configuration that will deliver S3 object storage and/or SMB storage to Veeam (see 

Deploying Veeam on QuantaStor

Visit our Veeam Deployment Guide for in-depth information on how to setup Veeam backup on QuantaStor. Within the guide there are separate sections outlining the setup procedure for configuring Veeam for use with QuantaStor as file, block, or S3 object storage.

For a quick demonstration of how to set up a QuantaStor storage grid to deliver S3 object storage, we recommend checking out this video on the OSNEXUS YouTube channel.

More on QuantaStor and Veeam

Veeam HCL for QuantaStor

OSNEXUS Veeam webpage with example configurations

For solution engineering assistance with designing a QuantaStor storage system that’s ideal for your environment, write to or contact your OSNEXUS reseller.

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