Block Device Copy with QuantaStor 5

QuantaStor 5.8 introduces a new block storage copy feature that simplifies copying LUNs (FC/iSCSI/NVMeoF) to and from 3rd party SAN systems. This feature also enables copying LUNs into QuantaStor storage systems as new block devices, files, or objects and even enables copying LUNs directly into secure storage at a public cloud including IBM COS, AWS S3, or Microsoft Azure Blob.

Use Cases:

  • Copying LUNs from a SAN to another SAN is useful when migrating from older SAN hardware to newer hardware.
  • Copying LUNs from a SAN to a bucket in a public cloud is a great way to make a backup copy of the block storage devices in a SAN into the cloud.
  • Copying LUNs from a SAN to a file within a QuantaStor network share is a great way to P2V your physical SAN into image files (img format) that can be used by any hypervisor.
  • Copying LUNs from a SAN to a new Storage Volume within a QuantaStor Storage Pool is a great way to migrate from an old SAN to a new high performance QuantaStor SAN.

Watch the video below to learn about Block Device Copy in QuantaStor and view a brief demo of a SAN to SAN copy of an iSCSI LUN.

For more information on QuantaStor, visit

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