Ceph Software Defined Storage Resource Guide

The QuantaStor SDS platform integrates and extends Ceph storage technology to deliver scale-out block and object storage while making it easy to deploy, configure and manage in a software defined storage environment. QuantaStor SDS supports Ceph scale-out object storage via the S3 and SWIFT compatible REST based protocols with scalability to 64PB of storage and 64 appliances per storage grid.

QuantaStor with Ceph is a highly-available and elastic SDS platform that enables scaling object storage environments from a small 3x appliance configuration to hyper-scale deployments. Within a QuantaStor grid up to 20x individual Ceph clusters can be managed through a single dashboard by logging into any appliance in the grid with a web browser. The Web UI’s powerful configuration, monitoring, and management features make it easy to set up large complex Ceph configurations with ease without ever using a console or command line tools.

In addition to the OSNEXUS wiki, following is a comprehensive guide to all OSNEXUS Ceph deployment and management resources:

  1. QuantaStor SDS Features Ceph and RDMA Technology for High-Performance Computing Workloads: With the HPC field growing faster than ever with advancing technologies, QuantaStor SDS caters towards HPC workloads with its storage grid technology, protocol support, automation capabilities, and combining Ceph with RDMA technology to lower latency and cost.
  2. OSNEXUS Extends QuantaStor Community Edition to Include Ceph & Gluster Support: QuantaStor Community Edition is a free version of the platform designed to give back to the open source community. With the release of QuantaStor v4.6, the Community Edition was expanded to enable users to build storage grids with up to 3x appliances, allowing the deployment of scale-out object storage (Ceph-based) and scale-out NAS storage (Gluster-based) with up to 20TB of data per appliance (60TB per grid) at no cost for non-commercial use.
  3. Learn How to Deploy Ceph in Less than 10 Minutes with QuantaStor SDS: Watch this video detailing the entire process of setting up Ceph in under 10 minutes on QuantaStor SDS.
  4. QuantaStor v4.1 Released with Global Namespaces, Ceph Upgrades and Solutions for End-to-End Media Production Workflows: In 2016, QuantaStor was upgraded to include Ceph’s Jewel production release, making it easy to set up Ceph with just three dialogs to set up a complete configuration from scratch from cluster formation to object storage pool group provisioning.
  5. The Easy Button for Ceph Deployments: Ceph can be challenging for IT generalists to set up and maintain, but with QuantaStor SDS this complexity is reduced and Ceph is delivered as a turn-key solution that is as easy to manage as a SAN/NAS appliance. Ceph can be set up on QuantaStor in a matter of clicks through the intuitive web management interface.
  6. ESG Lab Video Summary: Simple, Scale-out Block Storage With Ceph Technology Using OSNEXUS QuantaStor: Watch this video for a quick overview on QuantaStor SDS and the benefits it brings to organizations with file, block, and object storage needs.
  7. Deploy a Scale-out Ceph-based Block Solution in Under Ten Minutes: This ESG Lab First Look report goes over how to set up a Ceph cluster in just a matter of minutes in QuantaStor SDS, a process that can take days on other platforms.
  8. Watch OSNEXUS CEO Steven Umbehocker Talk About Ceph and QuantaStor on OSPod: This video gives an overview of OSNEXUS and its CEO Steven Umbehocker’s story, as well as how QuantaStor SDS uses Ceph technology.
  9. The Future of High Availability in Software Defined Storage: Ceph and GlusterFS: Open source technologies Ceph and Gluster are changing how highly available storage is achieved, and getting rid of the need for proprietary hardware and custom hardware, therefore reducing the cost of deployment.
  10. From Smashing Atoms to Remote Replication: Using Ceph for Highly Available Scale-out Storage: CERN IT uses Ceph technology for HPC workloads due to its fine-grained control, replication capabilities, and fast provisioning. Ceph is ideal for HPC as well as Virtual Machine workloads in the enterprise and large datacenters.

For more information about QuantaStor SDS, visit osnexus.com.

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