OSNEXUS Extends QuantaStor Community Edition to Include Ceph & Gluster Support

OSNEXUS is a major sponsor of open storage and gives back to the community with the free Community Edition of QuantaStor SDS. With QuantaStor v4.6 we’ve expanded the Community Edition offering to enable users to build QuantaStor Storage Grids with up to 3x appliances. This enables the deployment of scale-out object storage (Ceph based) and scale-out NAS storage (Gluster based) with up to 20TB of data per appliance (60TB per grid) at no cost for non-commercial use.

OSNEXUS (Open Storage Nexus) is dedicated to driving broader adoption of enterprise open source technologies like Ceph, ZFS, and Gluster. With every QuantaStor deployment, we make these technologies better and the open storage community stronger for everyone.

Deploy Anywhere

QuantaStor Community Edition (QSCE) licenses are freely available from the OSNEXUS website via the Try Now and Download pages by filling out the license request form.  QSCE licenses may be applied to bare-metal server deployments, virtual deployments (VMware, HyperV, KVM, or XenServer), as well as to QuantaStor Virtual Storage Appliances available from cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure. QuantaStor SDS systems are license key controlled; upgrading from QSCE to Enterprise Edition (EE) licenses with associated 24/7 support requires simply replacing the license key via the QuantaStor web management interface.

Community Edition versus Enterprise Edition

To see if Community Edition will help you with your IT project we’ve made a comparison of the QuantaStor features that are present in Community Edition versus our standard Enterprise Edition.

Community Edition diagram

To try out QuantaStor with a free trial or the Community Edition, visit osnexus.com. To contact our sales team, email sales@osnexus.com.

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  1. Thank you for this great comparison! There wasn’t such a detailed information about the community edition available in the past.

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