QuantaStor Community Edition Now Available with Full Enterprise Edition Capabilities

OSNEXUS has always offered a Community Edition of it’s QuantaStor Software-Defined Storage platform since the company’s inception with the goal of letting open source users manage their storage with a limited set of features commonly present in QuantaStor’s Enterprise Edition.

With the latest release of QuantaStor 5.4, we are pleased to announce that the Community Edition now offers everything that the commercial Enterprise Edition does – for free. This includes a full-featured, 40TB 2-year license per appliance, exclusively for personal use.

With the Community Edition, users can now also deploy 4x systems with 40TB each, with a total capacity of 160TB in a 4 node grid. High Availability and Disaster Recovery features have been added to the Community Edition, as well as the enterprise features listed below.

To compare the different versions of QuantaStor, see the chart below.

To download a Community Edition license, visit our website. For more information on QuantaStor’s licensing, contact sales@osnexus.com.

Categories: Storage Appliance Hardware

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