Seagate Lyve Cloud + OSNexus QuantaStor

Seagate Lyve Cloud provides a simple and efficient S3 compatible object storage solution for mass data. With QuantaStor, you can enable a NAS Gateway to Seagate Lyve Cloud and it supports both SMB and NSF – with no added QuantaStor license fees for data stored at Seagate Lyve Cloud.

QuantaStor Backup Policies enable automatic backups and tiering from QuantaStor NAS shares to buckets in Seagate Lyve Cloud. This is ideal for use cases such as Media Asset Management as it moves old files to Lyve Cloud to free up local storage space.

To configure Seagate Lyve Cloud with QuantaStor:

  • Login to Seagate Lyve Cloud, Select Permissions Create Bucket Permission (all buckets, all operations).
  • Select Service Accounts Create Service Account  Example: “qs-nas-gateway”.
  • Save the Access Key and Secret Key from the new Service Account.
Seagate Lyve Cloud support shipped with QuantaStor 5.12.6.
  • Add Lyve Cloud credentials to QuantaStor under the ‘Add Cloud Provider Credential’ window in the Cloud Integration tab.
  • ‘Create Cloud Container’ via QuantaStor to create a NAS bucket in Lyve Cloud or import an existing bucket.
  • Seagate Lyve Cloud storage is now accessible over NFS and SMB protocols via QuantaStor.

For more information on QuantaStor + Seagate solutions, contact

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