QuantaStor 5 Community Edition Expanded to 40TB Per Appliance

OSNEXUS has offered the QuantaStor Community Edition since 2010 as a way to give back to the Linux open source community that OSNEXUS depends on.

With QuantaStor 5, that’s being enhanced by adding more features to the Community Edition and by expanding the license capacity.

Community Edition users now get a number of new features (such as Ceph clustering), as well as an increase of licensed capacity to 40TB per server, for a total of 120TB per storage grid of 3x servers.

New feature highlights in the QuantaStor Community Edition:

  • System Tunable settings to enable adjustments to cache and Storage Pool IO behavior which can be customized to improve the performance of applications and workloads for ZFS based Storage Pools
  • Encryption at rest for Ceph OSD devices
  • Ceph Crush Map management via Ceph Pool Profiles
  • Ansible Automation support
  • Updated Cloud Container (NAS Gateway) backend to provide better performance scaling and support for additional cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Backblaze
  • Configuration Analyzer to help users more easily identify problems and address them before a storage configuration goes live
  • Enhanced server hardware monitoring (CPU, temperature, fans, power supplies) for server models from Western Digital, Dell, HPE, Cisco, Intel, Supermicro, and Lenovo
  • Support for HPE’s NV-DIMM and Intel Optane technology for use as journal devices in Ceph scale-out object and block storage configurations

To download the Community Edition of QuantaStor, click here.

Categories: Storage Appliance Hardware

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