QuantaStor v5.11.2 Now Available with Expanded Hardware Support and Streamlined Deployment of Scale-out NAS & S3 Object Storage

QuantaStor starts the New Year with a maintenance upgrade release with expanded hardware support, expanded RHEL platform support, and a number of new features that further accelerates and simplifies the deployment of scale-out storage clusters.

Expanded Hardware Support

With VARs and distributors facing global supply chain issues, it’s an important time to have options. With the upgrade release, there were more than a dozen new server models added to the HCL and the system enclosure integration system for QuantaStor so that customers have a broad selection of servers to choose from when deploying new QuantaStor systems.

Expanded Platform Support

QuantaStor’s platform support has been expanded to include support for deployment on the latest versions of RHEL including the latest RHEL 8.5.

Streamlined Scale-out Deployment

With this latest version of QuantaStor, the deployment of scale-out storage clusters has been reduced down to just a handful of steps that roughly translate to (Create Cluster -> Add Storage Media -> Add Services (S3/Metadata) -> Create Pool/Zone). This enables clusters large and small to be deployed in minutes and automates steps like tuning of the storage pools that previously were extra steps.

To try the latest version of QuantaStor, visit osnexus.com/downloads.

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