NAS to Cloud Storage Tiering with Dalet Media Asset Management

MAM platforms require high-performance NAS storage systems for local media asset editing and playback, but as assets age, they need to be archived to free up space on higher cost NAS systems. Traditionally that migration has been to tape but with low-cost cloud options like Azure Blob, one can now securely and cost-effectively back up to the cloud.

QuantaStor for Media Asset Management

The OSNEXUS QuantaStor software-defined storage platform enables Media Asset Management (MAM) platforms to dynamically tier media content. This enables automatic storage tiering to private and public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure’s blob storage. Azure blob storage is an ideal low-cost tier at roughly $.0008/GB/mo at the time of this writing.

This brings a new level of cost efficiency to MAM as companies can now easily offload content to the cloud and that data still appears to be on their local QuantaStor NAS, enabling editors and artists to easily find their content because the system leaves file links behind after data migration. Restore times are also improved as MAM systems can retrieve segments of video content from archived files without having to restore the full content stream as would be the case with tape.

QuantaStor cloud backup uses policies to migrate files from QuantaStor NAS to Microsoft Azure blob storage based on file age. QuantaStor works with Dalet media asset management to enable low-cost archive to Microsoft Azure with easy media recovery including video segments within files without having to download all of the content.

Accelerating Hybrid Cloud adoption in Premier League Football

OSNEXUS has been working closely with GTC, an end-to-end broadcast integration services company in Portugal, to bring this NAS to Cloud Storage Tiering feature to the sports broadcast industry specifically. QuantaStor has been integrated with the Dalet platform so that major football club customers can leverage the important archive capability. GTC comments that these customers are seeing significant time and cost savings using this new hybrid-cloud strategy versus previous asset archiving strategies.

Media production technologies like MAM and hybrid-cloud storage are helping to create new levels of efficiency for Media & Entertainment workflows. By reducing or eliminating the need for managing and recovering data from tape media, workflows are greatly simplified as all media is available at all times as NAS storage whether it’s local or in the cloud. For more information on designing QuantaStor storage solutions with Dalet for your organization, write us at

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