Enabling Bioscience Workflows with QuantaStor SDS

If you’re heading to Boston this week for the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo, be sure to stop by the booth of OSNEXUS partner Silicon Mechanics (#360) to talk about QuantaStor SDS’ data storage and management capabilities for the biosciences.

From accessing, collaborating and managing massive amounts of structured and unstructured scientific data to backup and migration strategies, object storage, genome-based file access, encryption and compliance, QuantaStor SDS can meet any storage workflow for pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. Offering file, block and object storage protocols, QuantaStor SDS is an ideal software defined storage solution that scales to 64 nodes and 64 petabytes.

QuantaStor SDS use cases have included:

  • A major pharmaceutical company stores trial data on a secure system and replicates to multiple site for disaster recover
  • Object storage repository, hosted by a University for Genome research supports global research in finding cures for various diseases
  • Several of the largest US healthcare insurers which are utilizing QuantaStor to power and secure data lakes serving as repository for claims data.
  • A Top 5 HMO utilizes QuantaStor as a backend for VDI. They selected QuantaStor based on multi-location, security and performance to power their VDI infrastructure including mobile devices

We’ve included some QuantaStor SDS Life Sciences solution features below but if you have a specific use case you would like to discuss, drop us a line or ask for advice at the Silicon Mechanics booth.

Secure Data Backup and Archive

Access life sciences data securely anytime and protect patient privacy, anywhere with QuantaStor SDS. Features include: “One-Click Encryption,” private key (AES128/AES256) software and hardware encryption, advanced RBAC security model, self-encrypting drives (SED) and hardware RAID support from all major vendors making it simple to manage a disk failure in high capacity storage arrays with massive amounts of storage.

Manage and leverage existing assets with VSAs

QuantaStor Virtual Storage Appliances (VSAs) as virtual machines provide shared storage without the cost of additional hardware and software. VSAs can be combined in into a heterogeneous grid of virtual and physical appliances that scales to 64 nodes enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to integrate storage assets from multiple vendors across sites, on-premises, or across global datacenters. The VSA is ideally suited for healthcare SaaS providers who provide a secure application serving patient and billing data.

High Availability

QuantaStor SDS’ High Availability technology ensures business continuity in the event of a system failure such as a power outage, appliance hardware failure, software crash, or in some cases human error. The QuantaStor grid failover is instantaneous enabling Life Science employees no disruption in application services.


QuantaStor SDS’ built-in replication ensures data can be moved across multiple site for disaster recovery. QuantaStor replication also can support secure “on the wire” transmission as well as snapshot deltas. Another unique feature for Life Sciences is the ability for QuantaStor replication to be used in a cascading manner, ideal for data distribution across the globe supporting research or securely distributing valuable data.



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